How MIU Students are Dealing With the Coronavirus Situation

Mass Communication students are struggling with their projects; is there a solution?

Day after day, the novel coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, became the most dangerous phenomenon around the world.  Egypt began to take precautions towards the virus when president Abd el Fateh el Sisi gave a statement on Sunday that all schools and universities should be closed for a period of two weeks.

And earlier this week, universities all over Egypt started to connect with their students through distance learning or what’s also called E-learning.

On one side, our university started to tackle assignments, PDFs, voiceover, and documents to their students on E-learning for all faculties which became a good option for most of the students. But despite these efforts, some students still face difficulties to adapt with this new learning method.

Raghad Tarek, a Mass Communication student, posted on Facebook asking the university to find a solution for Mass Communication students who have projects to submit. As it is required from students to make interviews with several people and shoot many scenes outside home.

“You’re asking us to go shoot in folk, crowded areas with people who have low awareness of the situation we are going through.”

She also addressed how they could be risking their lives by going out, as most stores and places are closed. “We’re supposed to meet people, interview them, and shoot in a time everything is closed to stop coronavirus from spreading.”

On the other hand, the faculty of Architecture sent an email to their students regarding their group or pair projects. In the email, it was stated that “Based on university rules, there will be no meeting between 2 students in a house or any other place.”

Also, it was stated that each student should work at home and if they had a project in pairs, they can work together on a program called ZOOM. Also, they stated that the students have the right to separate themselves from their partners and work alone but at this point, the project will be graded individually.

And regarding the model material, it was stated that they can submit their work in 3D using the sketch up if they are running out of material.

We hope all students get to stay at home and follow the university’s instructions and be safe until this crisis fades.