Countries Suspend Their Flights Starting Thursday

Worldwide airlines face the worst year in the aviation field.

In Abu Dhabi, The United Arab Emirates announces that it will suspend the incoming and outgoing flights with four countries (Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon) as of 17th of March 2020, according to the General Civil Aviation Authority’s statement.
The Authority has also mentioned that it took that decision after an evaluation of the global situation, as the government is monitoring the global situation to make the best decisions in order to ensure the continuity of the labor system within the state.

Due to the hard circumstances that the world is facing, the UAE is not the first country that took this step. As there were many other countries that suspended their flights as well like:

• Morocco suspended its flights with 25 countries.
• Saudi Arabia suspended its flights with nine countries, among them UAE, kuwait , and Egypt.
•Sudan : suspended its flights with eight countries and Egypt was one of them.
•Also Egypt announced that it will suspend all the flights in all the Egyptian airports on Thursday afternoon.

It seems that COVID19 made 2020 the worst year for the aviation field. We pray God to protect and bless our world.