Layla Ghaleb Changing the World’s Perspective With Hip Hop

Do what you believe in and don't compromise !

Egyptian Hip Hop dancer and choreographer, Layla Ghaleb, has been under the spotlight for a while for her outstanding dance moves and groove. She runs a strong YouTube channel with over 4.56K subscribers. She is also a promising choreographer and creative director at Ghaleb production house.

Layla gave a very inspiring talk “It’s Not A Big Leap, It’s The Baby Step” at She Can, where she talked about her journey to achieve her dream. She began by talking about how she stood to her beliefs and morals to break the stereotype of dancing. She wanted to show how dancing can be something acceptable in our society, and how it’s an art form that can be performed normally. The moral of her story is to believe in your dream and to aim for it. Her message was to know exactly what you want and what your morals are, and to fight the temptation to not deviate from your path. More or less, to take the baby steps in order to reach your dreams.

Layla started to work at the age of 17 in order to travel abroad and reach for her dream. She managed to do that after a lot of work, and was able to travel to a camp and was the first Arab Muslim woman there, where she also met her role models.

We managed to get an exclusive interview with her, and we couldn’t be more inspired!

What advice you would you deliver to the girls who are shy to dance?

In my opinion, most of girls are shy to dance because they care about people’s opinions. As long as they care about what is going to be said about them, they will be afraid and will always feel shy to dance and do whatever they want.

Although some girls are passionate about dancing, they choose to be more practical and work something else. What are your thoughts on that? 

Nowadays, I believe that girls choose to do what they are passionate about. So, if they love dancing, they will dance. If not, they will not do it because they will not find dancing a priority.

How can girls break the stereotype about dancing?

All they can do to break the stereotype is to dance and do what they are truly passionate about. 

Creativity can be challenging in our world, how do you face that in choreography?

Sometimes, I get inspired with an idea and find a song for my inspiration, and I try as much as I can to deliver a message and to have a goal in each one of my classes.

Are there any body standards to dance? 

 No, anyone can dance regardless of heir body shape.

What is the quote that inspires you the most? 

إن مع العسر يسر

In the end, life can be challenging, but anything can be conquered with persistence as long as you have faith in yourself and in god, and that’s a thing to learn from the one and only Layla Ghaleb.