Everything You Need to Know About Enactus’ Career Coaching Event

It’s almost time to think about the next step in your professional life.

On Saturday 7th of March, a career coaching event took place in the R building and all students were welcomed.

This event isn’t the first of its kind as Enactus has held similar events like the one held last semester. EgyptAir , for instance, visited our campus and gave out certified sessions and has distributed some giveaways. Another event was attended by the National Bank of Egypt, and another by the Egyptian Exchange and “Misr El Kheir” foundation, each event of these events was certified and participants have received certificates by the end.

Last Saturday’s event was divided into four segments, each segment lasting for an hour with different company or speaker leading the program.

The day started by Orascom. Orascom is Egypt’s first multinational corporation and stands at the core Orascom Group companies. It is currently active in more than 25 countries and has Nassef Sawiris as it’s CEO. Attendees were offered internship opportunities at Orascom and were sent links to help them apply with instructions.

Following Orascom, Eva Pharma took over the stage. EVA Pharma is one of the leading branded generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, it has proudly earned the title of being the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the region.

Then, Yasser Shaker, Founder and CEO of the Optimistic Spark Center/Motivational Speaker/Author of Zoo Leader, inspired everyone by his explanation of the 80/20 rule for comfortable living.

Finally, the stage had its closing number by speakers from El Nas Hospital, it’s a hospital that offers 100% free medical care for those in need; a hospital for the people, funded by the people.

Those who attended got to experience an amazing experience that will allow them to enhance their career prospects, also people had the chance to leave with certificates of completion and a chance to intern in one of the biggest Egyptian companies.

These kinds of events aren’t just indications about one club’s hard work, but it shows a whole university’s dedication.