Insights With One of the Top 50 Women: Influencing the Egyptian Economy

Egypt Career Summit: Meet the CEO of Nahdet Misr.

It is well famed that women are underestimated and under-represented in several top-ranking positions: within business or even politics. This under-representation has been dubbed the ‘glass ceiling’, and has drawn people’s attention, specifically women through out the years. However, Nahdet Misr’s CEO was able to turn the tables and prove the opposite.

Dalia Ibrahim, a Chief Executive Officer at Nahdet Misr Publishing House and Founder of EdVentures. She has more than 25 years of professional experience in publishing, digital solutions, education and entrepreneurship. She also graduated with honors in Business Administration from the AUC.

Pushed by a sense of commitment to the society, Dalia volunteers to serve as a mentor of young entrepreneurs, which provoked her to later inaugurate the establishment of EdVentures in 2017.

So everyone, here is our interview with Dalia Ibrahim.

Q: How did you reach this position?

A: “At first, I worked in a family business – but I don’t mean that working in a family business made me reach this position. As I am not the eldest in my siblings and I am a lady, and my oldest siblings are boys. The concept is, I am really passionate with what I am doing. I am always faithful to the role of the company, which is publishing and the idea ofimpact. I graduated from University with comprehensible goals. One of these goals is that I want to have an impact on people, so I worked in publishing and I had published children books. Afterwards, I published educational books. Then, I got promoted and I started up a press company, and I published Mickey magazine and National Geographic. Moreover, I was the vice president in the press company, I loved animation and the press world. One of the remarkable achievements is that Nahdet Misr has been in partnership with Disney for 15 years. ”

Q: What do you still want to reach?

A: “Nahdet Misr needs to be more strong and effective. After I finished the second master’s degree in the AUC which is Executive MBA, I started to know more about entrepreneurship, start-ups and the mentorship world. So, I volunteered to be a mentor and I was really successful. Therefore, I decided to inaugurate a specialized company for entrepreneurship and to assist youth in their own companies to flourish. As a result, the impact has been on a larger scale. Also, I think of enlarging the base of start-ups and to invest more with them, such as: Career 180.”

Q: How do you feel about becoming one of the top 50 women “Influencing the Egyptian economy”?

A: “I was really astonished, as prior to the event by 5 days, someone called me who I didn’t know and told me that I am from the top 50 women. I didn’t believe myself, as for me it was a huge and unexpected surprise. Before this by 2 months, the AUC sent me an e-mail, telling me that I will be the Award winner as a role model for youth, which also startled me.”

Q: What advice can you give to students interested in the field of writing?

A: “You need to do something different because there are plethoras of materials written and published everywhere. Therefore, you need to search for something which is quite authentic and creative. Do you know that the children’s (aged 3-5) creativity is 98%? and when they apply in schools, it decreases to 60% or even 20%? For adults, who are 25+, their creativity reaches 2%, according to researches. This has happened due to the internet intervention which made people less creative. Lastly, if you do something which is truly distinctive, you will reach.Be different!”

In conclusion, when we are younger, before we are taught to believe that things are impossible. We are aware of our potential, we have no fear, just an imagination. Even though, we may not be aware of the necessary steps or sacrifices required to make the changes that will lead us to success, but we still feel we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Lastly, together we can change the world. As cliché as that sounds, it isn’t IMPOSSIBLE.