Get to Know More About Egypt Career Summit and How It Empowers Our Youth

Founder of career 180 reveals upcoming plans to further help students.

Egypt Career Summit is the biggest career development summit in Egypt; its main aim is to empower youth in their careers and elevate career awareness. This event is held annually at 28th & 29th of February. The event’s activities in the two days are conducted by around 250 experts and include : 30 talks, 10 panel discussions, 120 sessions, career coaching/mentoring, networking with industry experts, and sponsors and partners that offer different activities. The number of sponsors this year is 20, divided into three categories : platinum such as orange and IBM, gold such as ESLSCA University and Nahdet Misr, and silver such as Alacademia.

Shrouk Alaa El-Din, Co-founder of Egypt Career Summit says, “we were inspired by this idea when we found a big gap between students in universities, their academic studies and their careers, so we reduced this gap by connecting the students to the experts in their careers by creating this event”. When she was asked about the difference between this event and the last edition, she said that this event will not just be in Cairo, but in Alexandria and Upper Egypt as well. This year they also increased the number of sponsors in the event and experts to maximize the impact of the event. She also exclusively told us that they didn’t partner up with career advancers as usual, because its founder immigrated.


Shrouk also added, “our future plan is to create an online mentorship platform as we have already launched our new website; the new website will include live online sessions with experts in different fields and it will be all year long instead of 2 days only.” She also continued,” we faced challenges in the last two weeks such as bad weather and Mubarak’s death which cancelled many events.” Lastly she told us that the number of attendees was 4000.

This wasn’t the only interview we conducted in the event as we interviewed many speakers. So stay tuned for the next interview!