Far Right Gunman Kills 11 in Germany

One of the most terrifying incidents in Germany

Berlin-Germany: A gunman attacked two shisha bars in Hanau and killed 11 people, including five Turkish nationals and a pregnant woman on Wednesday night.

”It is believed that the gunman has a far-right background”, Prosecutors said on Thursday, “This incident has stirred anger across Germany as it is related to the rise of right wing extremism”.

Authorities believe that the suspected 43 years old, returned home after the incident and shot himself. He was found dead in his apartment on Thursday along with the dead body of his 72-year old mother. Both of them died from a gunshot, according to The Interior Minister, Peter Beuth.

The police authorities found a letter in Tobia R’s home as well as a YouTube video, that the gunman was addressing the Americans in his letter and criticizing the “evil “ in military bases and the “invisible secret societies” as well.