Buy Local and Go Modest With L.A Bazaar

Supporting local brands and different tastes.

To all the modest girls out there, how often do you go shopping and start thinking “I wish my clothes were authentic and not mass produced” or “where on earth can I find a variety of local brands with great quality?”

Dream no more becauseLydia Akram is bringing you L.A Mother’s day & Winter Sale Mega Bazaar by hosting 100+ female local exhibitors in The Park Mall New Cairo on the 28th of February from 11:00 AM till 10:00 PM.

The main purpose behind this bazaar is to support and empower female entrepreneurs who are fighting for a spot in the market by gathering them in one hub and giving them the exposure they deserve.

The bazaar gathers diversified Egyptian products for modest ladies (hijabis and non-hijabis) like modest clothes, scarves, turbans, abayas, shoes, bags, accessories and skincare products. Not only that but also this bazaar is now for the whole household; by offering menswear, Egyptian towels, bed sheets, home accessories, kids wear, toys and artistic pieces. So let’s just say it will be more of a family shopping spree!

“Every piece that will be exhibited in the bazaar is very unique and well-crafted, in addition to the diversity of products that will hopefully satisfy every taste,” says Akram.

This edition of the bazaar will be unusual in a multitude of aspects as it will host markets that aren’t usually exposed. For instance it will have a sewing business that will sell sewing machines and teach ladies how to sew live, there will be 3D educational puzzles for kids, a business that sells used clothes in great condition (eskai by  Samar Salim)  and a food market that hosts ladies who produce homemade products like honey and peanut butter. Also, in order to make sure you have the most fun, the bazaar will have ladies who do henna, quick portraits, hair braids and face glitter. 

L.A market hasn’t forgotten you if you had lost your beautiful mother,or want to donate to your favorite people in general, as it will be having a charity organization where you can donate your money through cards of a certain price (50 LE, 100 LE etc.)  to charity projects like roofing houses.

This will be the third edition of L.A Market, and the sixth bazaar for Lydia Akram in general. The preceding bazaar took place on the 29th of November in The Park Mall as well, hosting 80+ exhibitors.

To know more about the bazaar and the different exhibitors visit L.A Market’s accounts on facebook and instagram.