Watch How Shakira and JLO Carried Their Latin Heritage and Made History in Pepsi Super Bowl LIVE Halftime Show

Age is just a number!

Age is just a number!

Shakira (43) and JLO (50) proved that age is just a number with an iconic performance that made the Latin community proud. The show took place in Miami, the capital of the Latin community, on Sunday, which also happens to be Shakira’s birthday. The world was anticipating the moment that Shakira and JLO took the world by storm.

Shakira: the blend of Afro, Latin and Arab routines.

The show started with the Colombian star, Shakira, greeting the audience  and performing most of her hit songs like She Wolf, Empire, Whenever, Wherever, and Hips Don’t Lie. She was also joined by Bad Bunny for the song “I Like It”. And although Shakira is Colombian, she didn’t forget to pay a tribute to her Arab Lebanese origin by performing a belly dance number with a rope around her waist to an eastern Arab melody. She also did a “zaghroota” that left the audience in awe.

Jenny From the Bronx:

The show continued with the grand entrance of the Latin superstar JLO. With fireworks on the stage, she appeared by ripping off a flowy, pink, satin skirt to reveal a black, studded, leather one-piece with matching chaps, all while singing her iconic track Jenny from The Bronx and performing exotic dance moves. One can’t believe  that she is 50. She moved on to sing hit songs like Ain’t It Funny and Get Right. She performed a pole-dancing number from her latest movie “Hustler”. After a quick change into a silvery, mirrored bodysuit, she performed Love Don’t Cost A Thing. Later on during the performance, we found out that JLO had a surprise guest: J Balvin himself came to perform one of his hit songs Mi Gente with her. Last but not least, she performed her iconic song On The Floor.

Surprise Guests

Shakira appeared again with a gold outfit on stage to play the drums but the surprise was Emme, JLO’S daughter, appearing accompanied by an entire children’s choir and singing her mother’s song Let’s Get Loud. She was later  joined by none other than JLO  herself, wearing a coat having the pattern of  the American flag on the outside and the pattern of the Puerto Rican flag on the inside with a silver outfit underneath. JLO performed a fusion between the songs Born in The USA and Let’s Get Loud. Shakira then joined her and they closed the song together. According to the Washington Post, it was a moving tribute to the Puerto Rican family origins of mother and daughter, and a reminder of the citizenship of the island’s people. Finally, Shakira performed the song Waka Waka,a she surprised the crowd by performing the Champeta dance, which is a genre of folk music and dance originating in the Caribbean coastal region of Colombia. She then stopped upon hearing  JLO’s Let’s Get Loud vocals and JLO took the stage with some salsa moves. Finally, Shakira joined JLO for the last touches of  the fast salsa moves.

It was certainly an unforgettable night for the audience as they got to witness their beloved Latina stars performing together on the same stage and it strongly sent a message of unity, especially with what the Latin community is facing right now.