Why Anne With an E Is a Show Worth Saving

Fans of Anne With an E won't let the show go down without a fight.

    Anne with an E is a Netflix show that first premiered on March 19, 2017 on CBC, and on May 12 internationally on Netflix. Since then, the show has garnered a loyal fanbase. Despite this, once the third season was delivered on CBC, it was announced that the season would be the final one. Ever since the announcement, fans have been outraged and campaigning for its renewal with the hashtag #saveannewithane trending and used over a million times.

     This is not the first time that a fanbase has attempted to save their favorite show, with shows like Brooklyn nine-nine, Lucifer and Sense8 being prime examples of when fans succeed. But usually if a TV show has not been renewed within the first week after its cancellation, fans tend to give up and move on, so why is Anne with an E different? Why are fans still asking for its renewal to this day? And why is Anne with an E such an important show for so many people.

    Anne with an E is adapted from the from the 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables, which tells the story of a young orphan (Anne) who is seeking love and a place to call home. She then gets adopted by the Cuthberts, Mathew and Marilla, a brother and sister who were looking to adopt a son to help them out but instead were met with an Anne and she slowly manages to win over the hearts of the Cuthberts and of all those around her in Avonlea.

    The show follows Anne’s journey throughout her adolescence, and tackles important topics such as sexism, racism and many other forms of inequality. The show has been critically acclaimed, with many praising the show for its amazing cinematography, writing, and excellent acting from the child actors in the show. Most importantly the show has touched the hearts of many viewers with the story arcs of the characters, as well as the many topics and lessons introduced throughout the show.

    Most notably the show talks of women’s rights and the way that they are perceived in comparison to men.

   “It helped me understand that as a woman, my possibilities are endless. I don’t have to wait for marriage to feel whole. I can achieve this by working hard on myself and the things that I like and most importantly: education is freedom.”, one twitter user wrote.

    The show also tackles the issue of freedom of speech as the children in the show fight for their right to speak out against inequalities in their school’s newspaper.

“I’ve learned to be brave and speak up in the face of injustice.”, another person tweets, when speaking about the show’s impact on her.

    Fan’s efforts to get the show renewed have been astounding, with over 172,000 signatures garnered for a petition to bring the show back, as well the fans’ endless and campaigning and promoting of the show. Most recently, the fans created many billboards to save the show, as well as trending hashtags such as #renewannewithane, with more than a million tweets in 24 hours, and sending in letters to production companies such as Disney to ask them to pick up the show.

   Overall, It is easy to tell why Anne with an E has garnered such a dedicated and loyal fanbase. It is a show that has carefully and beautifully crafted their characters and storylines, and speaks out about bullying, gender inequality, racism , segregation, sexual assault and many other issues.The show promotes love, friendship, education, family and acceptance, not only of other people but also of one’s self , and it does it in a way that is neither preachy nor over the top, but in a way that is necessary.