Australia fights the nature

Australia is witnessing a deadly wildfires.

Australian people are still fighting with nature. Wildfire is dangerously out of control and the firefighters are doing their best to save lives and properties.

The skies suddenly turned red on Sunday and the senior firefighters described the previous 24 hours to be “one of their worst days ever”.

According to New South Wales Rural Fire services, there are a total of 150 fires across the state. In fact, the conditions are getting worse due to the rise of temperature and the dry weather.
Many people claimed that climate change is considered to be a factor for making this natural disaster goes from bad to worse.

“The weather conditions are the results of the formation of pyrocumulonimbus clouds,”the country’s climate council clarified in the 2019 report.
The pyrocumulonimbus clouds are formed due to smoke plume; the hot temperature, which comes out from the fire makes the hot clouds rise quickly in the air to the upper atmosphere where low temperature exists. After the hot clouds cool there, the collisions of the clouds with the ice particles bring an electrical charge which causes lighting strikes and brings new fires.

Many towns are engulfed in flames and many people in several states have lost their homes.
According to several volunteers, there are a total of 24 firefighters have died in the fire season, and there are around four fighters in New South Wales , who got hospitalized due to smoke inhalation, hand burns and heat exhaustion.

Fitzsimmons also clarified that a man of 47-year old has died due to cardiac arrest while he was fighting the fire in his friend’s house. He also added that conditions are getting better on Sunday due to the decline of temperature but in the coming days things will be worse.

In addition, The Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley clarified that the fire has great extensive damage to the environment and wildlife as a third of koalas may have been killed.

“Koalas really have no capacity to move fast enough to get away from the flames,” Mark Graham, Nature Conservation Council ecologist said.

Also, Andrew Mackintosh, a glacier and climate expert acknowledges that there are 3,000 glaciers in New Zealand disappearing due to global warming and the rise of temperature and it may completely melt by the end of this century.
He also added that “If fire frequency, ash and dust transport increase, there is a chance that this will hasten the demise of New Zealand’s glaciers.”

However, the state and the federal authorities are making great efforts to reduce the fire as soon as possible.

There are around 2,300 firefighters are working in New South Wales to put down the fire and the federal government has sent military assistance such as army personnel, navy cruisers, and air force aircraft to help the firefighters in search, rescue and cleanup efforts.
In addition to the support gained from other countries as; US, New Zealand and Canada who are on their way to send additional firefighters for help.

Furthermore, actors, popstars and Britain Royal family offer great support to the Australian victims by providing donations in order to help firefighting service and wildlife shelters.

Australia suffers every year from fire season, the hot and dry weather make the fire start and spread everywhere, but nowadays things are getting more worse than before. So, Pray for Australia.