On New Year’s Eve pressure and vicious cycle

Tackling the unrealistic conceptions of New Year's Eve, one goal at a time.

It is New Year’s Eve, fireworks are everywhere, Instagram is conquered by people’s achievements, everyone is at a fancy celebration and you can smell the “New year, New me” attitude, in the air. On the other hand, you’re sitting on the coach, watching the lavish fireworks at Burj Khalifa, wondering why you didn’t achieve your ‘2008 goals’.

In this fast-paced generation, social media has put so much pressure on us. We have to constantly showcase our polished happy lives. In the digital world, everyone is happy, funny and successful, everyone is a winner, and..New Year’s Eve is no stranger to that vicious cycle.
With long to-do-lists, hard-won goals and unrealistic resolutions, New Year puts pressure on us, to turn the magic wand and radically change our lives. From being the thinnest, richest and  happiest person on earth to climbing the world’s highest summit while eating junk food everyday, these unsustainable goals will only make you unmotivated to achieve anything.

Yet, I don’t mean that we should sit in the corner, and whine on how our lives are not working out.

Plans and long-term goals are necessary for development and growth; yet , it should be gradual, evolving is a process not a step.
So, determine your 2020 big goal, and start to make small but steady changes to accomplish it.

Remember this year’s milestones, even if they are not that many, think of how far you’ve come, surviving is still a milestone, and if you want to stay the same sarcastic, awkward, procrastinator person that you are, then that is totally fine.

Evolve at your own pace, and ignore the unrealistic non-sense on social media. Happy New Year my dear readers, stay safe and REALISTIC!