Princess Salma bint Abdullah: Between the Pride of a Father and the Support of a King

King Abdullah II pins the wings of a combat pilot to the front of his daughter's uniform, Princess Salma.

A girl’s first love is her father, and if her father is King Abdullah of Jordan, then you can guarantee that his little girl will achieve her dream no matter what, because her father has her back.

“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman”

When you hear the word “princess,” lots of visions often spring to mind such as: a luxurious life, dresses, and tiaras. While some princesses are living the typical princess life, Jordanian Princess Salma bint Abdullah is making history by breaking the glass ceiling, and becoming the first Jordanian woman to complete the preliminary pilot training on a fixed wing air craft.

Princess Salma, 19, has made her family and country proud by proving herself as a hard-working princess at such a young age. According to Jewish, Hana Levi Julian mentioned that the nation’s commander-in-chief, King Abdullah II, pinned the wings of a combat pilot to the front of his daughter’s uniform in a solemn ceremony at the palace in Amman. Additionally, a photo was shared by her mother, Queen Rania, and the royal Hashemite court on Instagram. The ceremony was attended by Queen Rania and the Crown Prince.

There are lots of princesses around the world, but it seems that Princess Salma aspires to be more than just her title.

Guess it’s not just a man’s world after all, at least not in Jordan.