InsiderMIUxRiseUp’19: Raya Abirached being the Arab Superwoman

Superwomen are not fantasy, Raya is here to prove they exist!

Television presenter Raya Abirached gave an enriching speech about her career journey on the last day of the 3-day-entrepreneurship summit “RiseUp” at the American University in Cairo on Saturday the 7th of December.

Raya’s speech revolved around the event’s theme “A Journey to Growth” giving the youthful audience insightful takes on the most significant milestones in her career, and lately her personal life as a new mom.

During the talk, Raya emphasized her favorite quote, “In life you have to earn it.” And elaborated on how she took her own life by the horns.

Raya Abirached with Amy Mowafi

That being said, there’s no smoke without fire, and there’s no success without failure. Raya kicked off by narrating how the beginning of her life was rocky as she didn’t get to study Political Science as she had wished because of how costly it would’ve been. She settled for journalism, and even that wasn’t easy. Her roommate and herself used to collect the letters of rejection they used to receive in their early lives and made a tower of them.

“Now you just receive a rejection email, but back then an actual person took the time to write you how unqualified you were for the job,” said Abirached.

It’s not just about the career struggles, recently Raya had her first baby girl who added a new color of challenge to her career. She talked about how she cherishes her personal life, and when asked about what her perfect day looked like she said it is when she’s watching TV with her husband on her left and her daughter on her right, unlike what many had anticipated like another Brad Pitt interview.

As joyous as being a mother is, it comes with a challenge to prove to yourself and to your child how important it is to go to work and do great things, Raya said that she takes her daughter to work sometimes and added “Having my daughter growing up knowing that mommy goes to work is very important.”

She added a funny anecdote of her last interview with actress Saba Mubarak, where her baby daughter was playing around all over the place while Raya was conducting the interview and both stars had to play with her so that she would rest a little.

It’s worth mentioning that Raya’s talk was the most attended in the 3-day-summit, and with that so many questions were sparked in the questions and answers part where the audience showed Raya how much they loved her. Most significantly, a teenager came up to Raya and asked “How can I be like you?” and diplomatically Raya’s response was “It’s very flattering that you want to be like me but the most important thing about being a broadcaster is being you.”

The audience attending Raya’s talk

Raya Abirached is a Lebanese-British TV presenter and celebrity journalist at MBC. She is best known for her show Scoop with Raya where she interviews Hollywood actors and for co-hosting the hit TV talent show, Arabs Got Talent. And according to Forbes, she ranks 92 among the top 100 Arab celebrities.