InsiderMIUxRiseUp’19: Azza Fahmy, inspiration has no limits

Azza Fahmy industry has no limits and failure is nothing but a masterpiece.

We always hear the saying “It’s never too late to get started on a new path of success” but little did we see happening with our own eyes.Azza Fahmy Jewelry is a true inspiration that shows how passion can lead you everywhere. In 1969, she stumbled upon a Medieval jewelry design book, which became an inspiration for her work. Later on, she established her brand with her two daughters Amina Ghali and Fatma Ghali. Lucky us, we got a chance to listen to their talk at RiseUp Summit ’19.

         At the beginning, they talked about what distinguishes their brand the most as Amina said, “People are looking for something real, genuine, and something to forward to. A lot of people are being fast consumers, thinking,” I will buy this today and then throw it tomorrow,” but the ethos of the brand is to produce unique pieces. Every piece has its own story. We have done pieces inspired from different cultures such as Indian, Victorian Peruvian, and Mexican cultures. People are able to connect to the piece itself.”

They also talked about the school they founded in Egypt in 2013 and why its creation was essential.Fatma stated, “When we started school, my mother had to travel abroad in order to learn and my sister was the same, so we thought why not bring all that here and offer it to everyone? We have launched a program four months ago to teach people, and we thought it’s essential to make Egyptrecognized in the jewelry field  .”

And what garbed more attention to the talk were the audience’s questions: 

Q1: Have you ever been challenged because you are a woman?

“I have never been challenged because I am a woman. I’ve worked 14 years before having a family of my own. I have worked in factories with men. I faced no issues with that and to me, the only challenge I face is having to balance between being a good mother, a professional CEO, and being good to myself. ”

Q2: How did you create your market in Egypt?

“At the beginning, my mother did everything and I think what really brought her name up was the authenticity of the brand. The secret is actually about how you are selling the product and not how it looks. “

 Because luck was on our side that day, one of our members, Nayra Ismail, got the opportunity to ask them a question in front of the audience.

Q3: Can you give an advice to the young girls who have a dream of becoming business women or strong, independent females in any career?

“I have lots of advice. First, create the ecosystem even if it is not there. Second, find support because challenges will be there and it won’t be an easy road. Also, don’t to be afraid of failures; we actually have a taboo in our culture that failure is bad, but failure is perfectly fine, because you learn from it. Finally, you need to make a balance between the vision and going back to calculating steps. You also need to be able to take some risks and to do everything without any fear. ”

After the talk, we had an interview with them. Here are some of the questions we asked: 

Q1: Are the workshops you provide can be for students?  Can you give us more details about that?

“We have short workshops or long workshops and it depends on what you want us to offer. You can follow our page to know the details for our workshops. ”

Q2: Do you only focus on Egyptian and Islamic cultures in the designs?

“No, we do not only focus on Egyptian culture and old designs, we also focus on global culture. It’s not necessary to focus on the old designs only, because generally everything new comes from the old designs; you can be inspired by old designs and reinvent it to a modern one. 

   Azza Fahmy Jewelry is considered a model for successful business women. They teach us that nothing is impossible and that failure is what makes a masterpiece; it’s okay to fail over and over again, but you will reach success in the end.