You better think twice before eating a banana

Sometimes a banana is just a banana nothing more.

“Comedian”  a single banana duct-taped to a wall was sold at Art Basel Miami Beach for $120,000. It went viral as people made lots of comics about it.

A number of artworks were bought in this year’s exhibition, but none captured the popular imagination as much as Maurizio Cattelan’s new work did.
The famous banana caught the eyes of everyone and every artist; however, one artist in particular made an ironic move as he ate the banana. Performance artist David Datuna reportedly grabbed the banana on display and ate it.
The artist stated : “I call the performance, ‘Hungry Artist,’ because I was hungry and I just ate it,”  he also said: “The banana tasted good. It tasted like $120,000.” the New York-based artist added that he didn’t “destroy” the art because art is a concept and he has just eaten the artist’s concept.

Thankfully, Cascone reported that Art Basel Miami has a spare banana on hand. According to New York Times, after Datuna’s stunt, the gallery simply taped another piece of fruit to the wall. So, the banana remains safe and available if anyone wants to eat another piece of art.

Maurizio Cattelan is an established Italian artist, well-known in the world of Contemporary Art with past exhibitions at major museums and galleries across the world; he is also known for his controversial art In 2016 he made a 18-karat golden toilet  and called it “America” which has gone missing in September.

So what do think will happen to David Datuna ? Would you consider the banana duct-taped to a wall an art or not ?