Mixed reactions upon receiving an email from the faculty

Dr. Ahmed Emad, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, sends a warning to Pharmacy students, which raises many concerns from the students' side.

Pharmacy students received a warning email signed by Dr. Ahmed Emad, the Dean of the faculty of pharmacy reminding students of the ethics and professionalism of the faculty; adding that students should not violate the rules of the faculty regarding communication between them and doctors, or among students themselves; further warning students from violating these rules through comments or posts on social media as they will be subjected to official investigation.

The feedback and reactions upon receiving the email were varied; students were upset from the way the email was written in regards to using sentences such as “vulgar language”, “watch your language”, “punishment”, and “warn you”. Noting that respect is a result of love rather than warning, stating that they never meant to disrespect neither professors nor teaching assistants, clarifying that they only wanted to express their anger and stress in humorous ways. Students also found the content of the email upsetting seeing it as arbitrary action that prevents them from stating their opinions and talking about the issues and

stress they face in the faculty. Adding that expressing their feelings and opinions on social media is crucial to dealing with the academic stress faced throughout the semester.

On the other hand, professors found this email as a great step to set rules and limitations back in place as it was a reminder for students to maintain the ethical rules in regards to communication with professors in order to maintain the reputation of the faculty, especially after the publishing of several posts attacking the university, its system, and the professors.  Professors stated that expressing issues shouldn’t be on social media, and instead, offered students the chance to discuss problems with them during office hours.

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