Ibrahim Al-Kholy becomes the first TA with Down syndrome

University of Canada in Egypt makes history by hiring the very first Egyptian TA with Down syndrome.

University of Canada establishes precedent by hiring the very first TA with Down syndrome in Egypt.

Ibrahim Al-Kholy was hired as a teaching assistant in the University of Canada in Egypt’s Mass Communication, Radio, and Television department. He was appointed the same year he received his bachelor’s degree.

“The University of Canada in Egypt, led by its President Mahmoud Abo Elnasr and the whole board, are the pioneers who first implemented the inclusion system in university faculties,” Kholy stated during his interview on Al Ghad TV. “Under the same system, I was appointed as a teaching assistant,” he added.

Al-Kholy’s mother also spoke in the interview saying that despite the shared belief that people with disabilities will never accomplish anything, she personally believes that her son’s future will be filled with many achievements.

Al-Kholy also has a very successful career in sports, which he began at an early age; He won second place in his first international sports championship in Italy in 2008 when he was only 13. He is also currently representing Egypt in a tennis championship in Brisbane, Australia.

This is not the first time Egypt has shown change in its attitude towards people with disabilities; Just last year, the first TV presenter with Down syndrome, Rahma Khaled, appeared on Egyptian screens, with the 22-year-old making a weekly appearance as co-host of daily social affairs programme ‘8 a.m.’ on satellite TV Channel, DMC.

Egypt is also witnessing more promising change, most recently, with Egypt’s private and governmental sectors attending a significant joint collaboration that was launched between Orascom, the European Union and UNICEF. The collaborative forum was titled “Empowering inclusion of the differently abled” which discussed the importance of issuing legislation that secured the inclusion of people with disabilities in various vocational sectors.