Why Medicare is essential for us?

MIU provides medical insurance for students through "Medicare company". This service is present at many hospitals across Cairo.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that provides medical IDs to people who are 65 years or above. These cards are for certain people with disabilities and end-stage of renal disease.

Your red, white and blue Medicare card will provide you hospital-medical healthcare,but you have to make sure you are carrying your ID with you there.

Medicare has four plans:

Plan A covers the hospital insurance, inpatient hospital cares, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, lab tests, surgeries and home health cares.

Plan B covers MTM (Medical Therapy Management Programs for Complex Health Need), PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for The Elderly), and Medicare cost plans. Plan B; however, is divided into two sectors: First sector is for medical services that diagnose or treat your medical condition. As for the second one, which contains preventive services that prevent illnesses like flu by detecting it at an early stage.

Plan B also covers clinical research, ambulance services, and medical equipment.

On the other hand, Plan C is for Medicare advantages, while plan D is for coverage of drug prescriptions.

Medicare card does not cover everything; for instance, long term care, most dental care, eye tests, cosmetic surgery, foot care routine, hearing aids, and acupuncture.

MIU provides medical insurance for students through “Medicare company”. This service is present at many hospitals across Cairo.

The hospitals that fall under Medicare are : Good Shepherd Hospital in Shubra , Shubra Department Hospital, Nile Palace Hospital, Cairo Kidney Disease Center (CKC), Cleopatra Hospital, Private Hospital in Heliopolis , Nile Badrawi Hospital, Ancient Egypt Hospital.

Medicare is a reputable health care organization, and MIU gives out its cards to the students; in order to able to use them when necessary.