25 victims in an explosion in Iraq

Iraq is dealing with issues since the protests started to take its place.

Baghdad-16 November 2019- 4 individuals were killed and 20 were wounded due to a car bombing near (El Tahrir) square in Baghdad, according to an Iraqi observatory for human rights.

The Iraqi security media cell has mentioned in a statement cited in “Sky News” channel that the explosion occurred because of an explosive device planted under a vehicle; therefore , investigations are ongoing to find out the circumstances of the incident.

The Human  Rights commission of Iraqi Lower House condemned the incident and described it as a “serious development” which proved the existence of a third party that has attempted to destabilize security and spread chaos, emphasizing that this opposes with the International Humanitarian Law and the Human Rights principals.

Along the same vein, this is not the only incident that took place in Iraq. The Iraqi Capital and other governorates have been dealing with a state of chaos and instability since last month because of the demonstrations and protests by which the Iraqi people call for a radical change, improvement of services, and creation of job employments.