3 Famous Egyptians who made it on Screen at New York Times Square

Get ready to get to know the Egyptian pioneers who made it to New York Times Square's screen!

Get ready to get to know the Egyptian pioneers who were able to make a difference! They have made Egypt beyond proud as they were able to make an impact on the world; they were also capable of making others believe in the real talents of Egyptians. Are you curious to get to know them yet?

1. Mohamed Salah











Mohamed Salah, the athletic Egyptian; was on screen at New York Times Square for being one of the best players in Liverpool. He received 40 awards since he joined the team in 2017.

2. Zahi Hawas













The Egyptian scientist Zahi Hawas is one of the best archaeologists in the world. He is also a member in the Russian academy for natural sciences and a professor in Egyptology. He has also made several appearances on TV shows, sharing his knowledge with the rest of the world on The History of Egypt.

3. Amr Diab

Amr Diab, the very famous and extremely gifted Egyptian singer. He has reached the highest ranks because of his talent; he also participated in some national movies. He’s a singer, composer and also a former actor. Who doesn’t love him anyways?


Some Egyptians have proved themselves as talented, creative and diligent individuals, such as; Ahmed Zewail a great scientist, Magdy Yaqoub the best cardio-thoracic surgeon in Egypt and Samira Mousa a nuclear physicist.

Egyptians will always make sure to prove themselves to their people and the rest of the universe. The world knows for a fact; thanks to those mentioned above that Egyptians are gifted by nature.