An Actor’s Tragedy

The death of the young actor, Haitham Ahmed Zaki.

Unfortunately, there has been a great number of families, whose family members’ lives end in a devastating turn of events, including Haitham Ahmed Zaki’s family. Things aren’t what they seem. Despite the popularity and success, still, chronic torment and loneliness exist behind the scenes. So, our story is a part and parcel of one’s despondency.

Cairo – 7th of November 2019: Egyptian Actor, Haitham Ahmed Zaki, passed away at the age of 35 in his villa in El-Sheikh Zayed City, Giza on Thursday’s morning, after he suffered a sudden circulatory collapse. As known, he is the son of the legendary actor, Ahmed Zaki (1949 -2005), and the late actress Hala Fouad (1958-1993).

Apparently, the police officers received a report from Haitham’s fiancée after she tried several times to call him, but there was no response. Later on, he was found dead in his bathroom, according to the local media.

Myriads of celebrities and fans has expressed their condolences and mourn his death.

Haitham started his artistic career in 2006, playing the role of the illustrious singer, Abdel Halim Hafez, as it was produced by his father. However, Ahmed Zaki died before the film finalization, so Haitham filled in several scenes.

Since then, Haitham won the Best Egyptian Actor Award for his performance in Dawaran Shobra (2011). Not to mention, he was well known for his character in The Treasure (2017), The Treasure 2 (2019), and Kalabsh (2018).

Here is a footage of a Pepsi commercial from 2015 that had been edited to display Haitham’s father in the advertising, which has sparked off people’s emotions.

In a nutshell, this incident provokes a monumental life lesson: everyone reading this should thank Allah for all the blessings -family and friends- that one has gained throughout the years.