Doaa; Yet Another Victim Of The Unjust Justice System

It is no secret that Egypt's "justice" system is, ironically enough, unfair, and Doaa's case is another slap on the face that reminded us of that.

Content Warning: Mention of rape, violence, and murder.

On Wednesday night, October 30th, the Zagazig Criminal Court in Sharqia ruled that Doaa, a twenty-two year old woman, gets a twenty-five-year life sentence for killing a farmer who took the chance of her husband not being present in the house, broke into it, and tried to rape her.

Prior to that, the Sharqia’s security services had gotten notified about the corpse of a fifty-two year old farmer called Mr. M. M. being delivered to one of the hospitals.

After some investigations, the security services discovered that Doaa was home alone when the incident took place. It was uncovered that the rapist, Mr.M.M., had a history of flirting with Doaa, however, she had always shut him down.

On the morning of the incident, he had taken advantage of Doaa being home alone, barged into the house, pointed a knife towards her neck, hit her hard on the head, then attempted to sexually assault her, aggressively.

Sources say that Doaa had fainted due to the head-smack, then upon waking up, she grabbed a knife and stabbed him to his death. Later on, with the help of her husband Mohamed and his uncle, she dumped the rapist’s body near a canal in the village and got rid of the murder weapon.

Doaa got a life sentence of twenty five years as a result of self-defense. While murder is not the ideal solution, it was probably the necessary one to save herself from the rapist Mr.M.M., which leaves us questioning; Why do women get incarcerated when they defend themselves, whereas men, like Rageh, get away with not only raping a woman, but also with killing another human being?