A Major Discovery of Mummies in the Valley of the King

Hidden coffins revealed by Egyptian hands.


More secrets would be unveiled by opening those coffins. Finally, Egypt discovers hidden coffins after a long journey of drilling.

CNN – Egyptian archaeologists on Saturday 21 of October reveal 30 ancient wooden coffins that of course include mummies. These coffins were buried in Luxor, Egypt a long time ago, and have gotten discovered thoroughly by the Egyptian hands, which made the administrators eager and proud of that.

Egyptian Archaeologists open a coffin ,which belonged to a man above the Temple of Hatshepsut. Zahi Hawass explained in a press conference that the coffins were found just like how they were left by the Ancient Egyptians ; additionally, the colors were well-preserved as if they have just been painted.

The coffins were compiled above each other to be well hidden and secured from thieves.
“The mummies were 23 males, 5 females and 2 children, who were believed to be from the middle class, and the other found were completely wrapped in cloth, ” declared by Mustafa Waziri the Secretary-General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of antiquities. He also added that the coffins, which were carved with open hands are believed to be females, while the hands balled into fists belonged to males, and that was the way pharaohs differentiated between both genders.

These were the largest collection of coffins along decades, so the authority decided to restore the mummies and send them to the Egyptian Grand Museum, which will be opened in 2020 , as a surprise to our visitors.

So do you think by this immense discovery would Egypt be able to also unveil the secret of mummification?