Global warming: All You Need to Know About the California Wildfires and How to Save YOUR Country

Global warming strikes again.

Thousands of people are being forced to evacuate their homes due to the 16 fires raging across California, leaving millions without power. Students and families alike are being forced to leave their everyday life behind and flee. These raging fires have been breaking out since last Thursday in northern as well as southern California, damaging thousands of kilometers of land, and making the thought of a fast recovery for the state doubtful.

If you feel like these fires have gotten more frequent, more intense, and longer-lasting, you’re right.

Wildfires are burning countries left and right; Malaysia and Indonesia have both shut down thousands of schools, affecting around two million students. Moreover, officials have reported that the out-of-control fires in east Australia have ruined a number of buildings and homes. In addition, the Amazon fires have gotten the whole world talking about climate change. All of this has happened within the last couple of months.

‘The Earth is dying’, isn’t the latest science-fiction Hollywood movie, but rather a reality that we all have to face, and the increasing number of natural disasters bears witness to it. Studies have shown that the world’s largest ice shelf is melting 10 times faster than expected, as waters continue to heat up.

As it seems, nature is heading towards extremism. It wouldn’t be so bizarre nowadays to wake up to freezing weather somewhere in the world while wildfires are burning elsewhere due to extreme heat. The wildfires across Europe and the snow that has covered areas in Mexico are an example of the alarming reality ahead of us.

So, is this it? Do we just abandon our futures and peacefully wait in our homes for the end? As much as I’d like to give you the green light – especially during our midterms right now- unfortunately, I can’t. Actually, there’s a lot of little things that YOU can do to turn the table.

  • Buy Reusable Water Bottles

Ever wondered how many water bottles a single person uses every day? Not less than two. Now, how many are these per month? Per year?

Pay for a water bottle once and save both the planet, and your wallet.

You can find them at hypermarkets or supermarkets such as Carrefour, Spinneys, or Seoudi.

  •   Use Reusable Beverage Containers

Instead of having a new plastic cup each time you buy a new drink, try to always have a reusable cup in your car or bag, and ask to have your drink poured there. Yes, you can do that.

Not only are you limiting plastic use, but you’re also staying healthy!

  • Buy a Tote Bag or a Basic Shopping Bag

Instead of the wasteful plastic bags, throwing a cotton bag in your bag or car won’t cost a thing nor take up much space!

You can find them at hypermarkets or ‘el wekala’. You could also buy fabric and get yours done at a local tailor.

  • Turn Off Electronic Devices

Simply turning off your television, DVD player, stereo, and computer when you’re not using them, will save you thousands of pounds of carbon-dioxide a year.

You might feel like those steps are too small to make a difference, but truthfully, those are the things that matter on the long run. Even if you’re not doing all of this perfectly nor regularly, at least you’re contributing; You never know, you might be starting off a butterfly effect.