The Upcoming Jeopardy

What goes around comes back around!

Undoubtedly, people get frightened due to the fact that their economic situation would get deteriorated. As the prospect that their children wouldn’t receive an outstanding education. Yet, during this era, people are afraid of the new jeopardy if it would attack their children. Do you have any clue what this monumental jeopardy is?

Yes, it is BULLYING. Over decades, myriads of youngsters suffer from bullying from their peers in school, neighborhood, and surprisingly at home through school media. But this issue of bullying has afflicted schools more, as we all have known of bullying issues, which provoked students to take momentous actions to put an end to this chronic pain.

Accordingly, every October, people all over the world are unified in a campaign to keep all youth safe from bullying. Also, it helps in creating a world without bullying and inspires everyone to unite for kindness and acceptance.

Fundamentally, people bully others because they are from different religions, races, and social classes. More specifically, when there is a student who is not achieving good grades, he/she starts to get bullied for a while. From this horrific attitude, the victim doesn’t utter a word and stays silent, this is caused by low self-esteem and confidence.

Therefore, several procedures should be undertaken. Schools have to raise awareness for students to stop stressing out others, as well as the victim’s silence should be prohibited, since this encourages the bully to carry on. Lastly, schools should let bullies take part in any community service in the place they have bullied.

As Nelson Mandela said: ” We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.”