Sharmoofers in the house

Sharmoofers passing by MIU as a part of their Road Tour, in collaboration with REDBULL.

إليكم أهم الأنباء، الشرموفر العظيم جاهز للإذاعة في جميع الجامعات..

Don’t worry, it’s just Sharmoofers’ new song!

From ElGouna Film Festival passing by Dahab all the way to playing for the first time in MIU. Sharmoofers were performing on Monday 14th of October on campus as a part of their huge campaign in partnership with RedBull.
MIU is the third university for them to perform at since they started their tour a couple of weeks ago, they started the tour by performing at BUE, MUST, and finally at MIU, but guess what?!
It’s not just an ordinary campaign, they started sharing their destinations on their official page on Facebook by using something like riddles..
They shared the news of performing at MUST by writing “احنا هنكون بكرة في جامعة في مدينة اسمها تاريخ” and let people get some sort of entertainment and trivia out of that, and when they were posting about their visit to MIU, they shared the following;

And MIUans started to ask and mention their friends and posting comments with some prayers and sharing the post, everyone was confused and excited, but we were so lucky guys, it was absolutely MIU..

But have you noticed something?

Let us tell you, Sharmoofers were sharing all their videos and news under a brand new hashtag lately,


It looks weird, right? But it has a story, Ahmed Bahaa, the lead singer of the band claims that he once had a Math teacher at school, and she was telling students:

” الangle دي اد الangle دي والangle دي اد الangle دي، يبقى انيو angle اد انيو؟ ”

And it all came from there..

It’s worth mentioning that this road tour is based on the occasion of schools and universities starting, as a way to add a little fun.

Back to the core, the concert at MIU was so significant and energetic despite the hot weather, and the RedBull representatives were all over the place offering refreshments, the number of the attendees was huge and it was clear that they were all fans..

The tour isn’t over yet!

Could you guess their next destination?!

بابا،بابا.. أنا عايز اخلص جامعة..

Do you?

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