Hidden Talents Discovered at Tamer Hosny’s Welcome Party Concert

From an instagram post to singing beside Tamer Hosny, this is how Khaled waleed made his dream comes true.

26th of September marked a very special day in Khaled Waleed ‘s life, the day where he stood next to superstar Tamer Hosny and did an incredible performance together.

So Insider MIU decided to dig deeper into Khaled’s life and know more about the young star’s background.

Q: What is your major and in which year are you?

A: It’s my third year in Dentistry .

Q: When did you first start singing?

A: Literally since I was three years old.

Q: Does music run in your family?

A: Yes, it runs in my whole family, some play Oud, others play flute and piano.
My brother also sings and he has performed in many events.

Q: What about you, do you play any musical instruments?

A: Yes, I play the piano and the keyboard, and now I’m learning how to play the guitar and I also write my own music.

Q: Why did you choose Dentistry then?

A: Firstly, I observe which major is going to give me the maximum benefit when I graduate, and I found that in Dentistry.

Q: How do you manage your time between Dentistry and music?

A: To be honest, it’s hard to balance between them all, and you must compromise from time to time, beside music I also love football and I work so hard on the three of them and see which one I will succeed in.

Q: Jumping to my favorite part, tell me all about the process that led you to sing with Tamer Hosny?

A: Well, it all started with an Instagram post on the official Tamer Hosny page, so my friend called me and suggested I give it a try, and I thought he was joking or something but he wasn’t, he asked for my phone number, on the following day, Tamer Yehia, Tamer Hosny’s manager called me and told me that Tamer, likes my singing and the covers I do. Later, Tamer Yehia and I met and picked the song that I would perform with Tamer Hosny and we did some rehearsals the day before the welcome party.

Q: What was your reaction when Tamer Yehia called you?

A: I thought that one of my friends was pranking me to be honest, until he mentioned my friend’s name, and then I was relieved that it was actually him.


Q: Did you have any performance anxiety before hitting the stage?

A: No, because I used to perform and sing live, maybe just this time was different because I was singing with such a superstar and in front of a huge crowd .

Q: What was people’s reaction when you got off the stage?

A: Very positive, my friends were really supportive and when I came back home, my phone didn’t stop ringing from calls to messages, people congratulating and cheering me on my performance.

Q: What is your favorite song of Tamer Hosny’s ?

A: “Naseny Leeh” & “ Tamen Ekhteyar”.

Q: Last question Khaled, who is your role model?

A: Mo Salah, Will smith and Cristiano Ronaldo .

From everyone on The Insider MIU family, we all wish ultimate happiness and success to you.