Freshman? Here’s your ultimate survival kit!

Everything you need to know to enjoy your fist year at MIU like a boss!

It’s that time of the year again when students step out of their high school robes and right into their university sweatpants, and as MIU old hands we give you the survival kit you all need, and an A-Z guide to all things MIU.

First things first, here’s the MIU Campus map, so you don’t have to ask anyone where any building is, ever, because that right there is a rookie mistake! 

Buildings and Facilities:

The campus has 5 buildings, the Main building, the Pharmacy building and the S, N and R buildings. The facilities available on campus are: Gym, basketball court and football pitch, music room, multiple mosques as well as multiple copy centers and The Spot where you can use the computers and printers, The Tent, where you can rest from the heat in an air-conditioned area, campus Wi-Fi, and many food and drink providers, as well as a student parking lot across from the university. 


The MIU buses are fairly simple to navigate, and you can make any inquiries about the lines available or where the drop-off or pick-up points are for a certain line in the transportation office in the Main building, next to the studio. As for the buses themselves, they’re strong, air-conditioned, comfortable Mercedes buses with good capacity; and we have two kinds of buses, the root buses and the shuttles, where the first is a line, with multiple pick-up and drop-off points and is near a lot of our homes or streets, and the latter has one pick-up point and a handful of drop-off points which usually require walking or taking a cab home after you exit the bus. The bus timings are subject to change during exams, and they usually send you an email with the updated timings. Find below the bus timings:

Root Bus Shuttle Bus
7:30 am 8:45 am
4:45 pm 9:45 am
6:00 pm 1:30 pm
3:00 pm


Academics and GPA:

Here at MIU, we pride ourselves on our top notch academic programs and curriculums, and if you’re studious or just a little nerdy, you’ll enjoy the academic experience; Here at MIU we calculate our GPA from zero to four, with zero being the lowest and four the highest, and we’re put under probation if our GPA drops to two or less, but you must know that the first two years are crucial for your GPA, because after the last semester of your second year, it moves very slowly. We are graded based on assignments, participation, absence, midterm and final exams as well as committees for practical subjects. So yes, your attendance counts for 25 percent of your final grade and can even cost you a dropped course if you’re not careful! We take five English courses throughout our university period, and they are only offered during the fall and summer semesters, you get assigned an English course on your first semester based on how you do on your English aptitude exam, so you can be lucky enough and not have to take all the English courses, and they are: Fundamentals of Academic English (FAE) one and two, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and Freshman English one and two.

Advising and Schedules:

Your schedules are usually found on your student portal after you pay your tuition fees, and they’re divided into groups or modules, on the first semester the advising office sets your schedules, but for the rest of your semesters, you get an email with many different modules and you get to choose whichever is suitable for you, but take care because the advising process is tricky and if you don’t choose and save your desired schedule fast, it may become full and you’ll have to choose another one or have the advising make a schedule for you. We also have an option where you can have a course by course schedule, where you are in charge of the subjects you want to take, but beware because the course by course schedules often give you either bad lecture timings or little to no time off. If you have any inquiries or problems with your schedule you can head to the advising office in the Main building.

 Tips and Tricks:


  • Never ask anyone other than security men where any building is because MIU students love to play pranks on freshmen and send them to the pool, we have no pool!
  • Keep a copy of your schedule, ID number and your MIU mail and password on your phone at all times, trust me you’ll need it.
  • Steer clear of using any MIU merchandise given to you on your orientation day at uni. , also just take our word for it.
  • Keep an eye out for people you see regularly at your bus stop or in your lectures during the first week, and befriend them cause you’re gonna be seeing them a lot this semester.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings, only outside in open air areas.
  • Make sure you have all your things when you leave a class or any place on campus, and if you lose something you can look for it at the lost and found office in the Main building, and if you lose your ID, you can usually find it at the student gates.
  •  If you’re a coffee-fanatic, TBS and Cinnabon offer the best coffee on campus, and as for the most important meal of the day, you can go for Shabrawy, Fresco or TBS for breakfast.
  • Transit in front of the Pharmacy building is considered the university kiosk, and they also have multiple coffee and tea options, for a lot less, but sadly the one thing they lack is phone credit.

That’s it for our guide to everything MIU, best of luck on your first semester and welcome to Misr International University!