Everything You Need to Know About CAREEM Bus Lines

Your guide on how and when to book a Careem bus is now available.

Remember when we said that Careem are launching new, special bus lines for MIU students? Well, they are now ready and operating, just for you, and we are here to answer all the questions you have.

The new bus lines have arrived, working all week long, from Saturday all the way to Thursday. Rides will be available throughout the day, from 7:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Can’t get easier, right?

But it could. Not only are the buses available at any time you’ll need them, but also with highly saving packages. The packages available are: 999 EGP for a monthly package, 279 EGP for the weekly package, and 45 EGP per trip.

And just in case you’re confused and don’t know how to book a ride, here are the steps:

The packages are also easily accessible. You first fill your CAREEM pocket with the money, either you pay by Visa or from any Fawry branch – cash is available for the weekly package only – and then you use the promo code (MIU1W) for the weekly package, and (MIU1M) for monthly packages. Once you book the ride, the money will be paid, and a customized promo code will be sent to you the next day and you’ll be able to use it with every ride, until the package is over.

Have a happy, easy & convenient ride!