United Nations Volunteer in Egypt!

Peace and development

Are you interested in volunteering for UNV (United Nations Volunteer)?

Do not hesitate and create your profile through www.onlinevolunteering.org

What is the UNV you may ask? It’s a non-profit programme contributes to peace and development through volunteering worldwide and they tackle the world’s most important issues.

The programme is divided into online and offline volunteering. All the students can apply for online volunteering as it provides many tasks like: writers, educators, social media manager, graphic artist, web developers, and translators. It’s mostly things that can be done through a laptop.

As for offline volunteering, the students must be graduates or students who are juniors and seniors.

If you want to be an international UN volunteer, you must be at least 25 years old and hold a university graduate degree.

According to Nouran Ibrahim, communication associate in UNV, “all the tasks depend on the agencies and what their requirements are.” She also described it as something that “is not a one size fits all,” it all depends on their requirements, description assignment, and open positions.

You may wonder now about the needed experience to apply.

Ibrahim said that there’re two modalities which are youth and specialist.

  • The youth requires zero up to two years’ experience.
  • The specialist starts from two to more.

Now the offline volunteers, Ibrahim ensured that it’s paid, full-time job. Not to add that you will get a living allowance, health insurance ,and learning package.

UNV provides different opportunities and training:

Communication and outreach:

  • Global and local outreach campaigns
  • Design of logos and websites
  • Layout for reports, brochures, etc.
  • Translation and video editing
  • Manage social media accounts


  • Data analysis
  • Social media monitoring
  • Crowd-mapping
  • Survey design

Strategic advice

  • Project development
  • IT expertise

As for the training

  • Provide webinars
  • Develop training curricula
  • Produce training material.

UNV preferred languages: English, French ,and Español.

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