YSR Forum: contributing to the community one project at a time

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“You live in your own bubble”, older generations often say that about us youth. They have this impression that we’re careless and indifferent when it comes to our community. Well, this is not true, at least not all of us. And here’s the proof…

On the 20th of April, The Greek Campus will witness an event where youth will take social responsibility towards their country, and will give back to their community. As Egyptian youth represent 25% of the whole population, YSR (Youth Social Responsibility) Forum aims to transmit social responsibility from companies to youth, or from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to YSR. What does that mean? It means that the event aims to raise awareness on the importance of contributing to the community. In addition to the importance of youth being a part of the picture.

This aim is achieved by gathering youth, who are enthusiasts to take social responsibility and companies concerned with CSR. The forum is connecting youth with the corporate life to team up, in order to create sustainable projects that will help the society. Why these two parties? Simply because younger generations often have creative ideas, and companies are the best to give the needed supervision and guidance to make these ideas grounded.

On that note, YSR forum will present success stories and talks from many influencers like Hossam Heikal, Ibrahim Safwat , Passant Nur ElDin, Ashraf Helal, and lastly the ‘Talat Dakat’ singer and ABU. In addition to networking with influencers in different fields. Attendees will also have the chance to volunteer or work on projects created by companies concerned with CSR.

If you’re interested to attend the event, you can get 50% off your ticket, by registering through this link. Thanks to Linum MIU, you can pay 150 L.E instead of 300 L.E. You gotta love MIU’s student activities, right?

The new student organization which was launched this semester, aims to help students in their professional lives, through workshops and training sessions. Moreover, Linum works on connecting students with opportunities, preparing them for the work place, and helping them to develop.

At the end, having social responsibility towards our community is not something alienable nor monopolized to Goodwill Ambassadors only. Everyone is responsible! One last thing, if you will attend the event don’t forget to share your experience with us!