Breaking News: Trump signs order recognizing Golan as Israeli land

United Nations who? -US


June,1967. Breaking News: “Israel occupied Sinai, Gaza, Jordan’s west bank, and Golan Heights.”

November, 1967. Breaking News: “United Nations Security Council issued resolution 242, that says: Israel must withdraw all its armed forces from territories occupied in June war”, which Israel ignored.

December, 1981. Breaking News: “Israel’s parliament passed legislation applying Israeli law, jurisdiction and administration to the Golan and annexating it to their territory.”

The international community did not recognize this move, and Golan was maintained as an occupied Syrian land.  Moreover, the UN Security Council issued resolution 497, declaring that the Israeli decision was “Null and void and without international legal effect.” -BBC News.

Syria declared that they will never make a peace treaty with Israel, until they withdraw from all Golan land.


On the 25th of March, 2019, came the shocking news that the U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied land “Golan Heights”, while the rest of the world and the United Nations recognize it as a Syrian land.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Trump’s decision as a “Historic justice”.

Trump said that it’s for the safety of Israel from Iran and any terrorist groups. However, the question here is, when will Palestinians restore their land for their safety from Israel’s strikes and terrorism?

Not to add, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem (a city divided between Israel and Palestine) is assuring the idea of Jerusalem being Israel’s capital -when their capital is supposedly Tel Aviv- thus; weakening Palestine.

The Syrian government  said that Trump’s decision is “A blatant attack on its sovereignty”, according to BBC News.

Netanyahu told reporters in Washington that “Israel shall never give it up” and “Golan is important for our safety”, however; according to the Universal Deceleration of Human Rights, article 3, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” Now, you’re taking the life, freedom, and safety from the Syrians, and giving it by jurisdiction to Israel.

The UN Security Council rejected the proclamation, as Antonio Guterres, the United Nations’ Secretary-General said on Monday: “The status of Golan has not changed”.

The Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit condemned Trump’s proclamation saying on Monday that; “The decision does not change the area’s status.” Stated by Egypt’s state news agency MENA.

Thousands of Syrians gathered on Tuesday protesting against Trump’s decision, according to The Washington Post.

The conflict between Israel and Syria has been going for years, but just now, it has officially started. What do you think the future will hold? Danger or Peace?

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