IMUN is coming to MIU!

Don’t hate it, just debate it.

If you like debates, if you’re interested in the conflicts of the world, and if you’re ready to get into a whole new experience, then be excited because for the very first time, International Model United Nation (IMUN) is here, not only in Egypt, but also in our very own university: MIU.

First of all, what is IMUN? International Model United Nations brings youth from all over the world for the purpose of learning and sharing ideas from the many different sets of minds and cultures, where the Executive Board, International Press, and International Delegates unite to learn more about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. The first IMUN conference was held in 2018, in Thailand, with more than 250 delegates who experienced an interesting event.

International MUN is an exciting opportunity to be able to negotiate issues that challenge world leaders, to draft resolutions in response to global problems, and work with other people who are just as motivated and determined about the topics of the debate. The dynamic effect that one conference of IMUN can achieve is a lot, which makes IMUN the leading simulation of the UN in the world.

So, are you pumped up yet? If you are, then you’d be very grateful to know that IMUN this year is coming to Egypt, and will be held on MIU’s campus, from April 20th to April 24th, and according to one of the ambassadors, Rodaina Shamci, it’s going to be a great experience to engage in.

“Those who are willing to participate are going to get the chance to undergo an intriguing experience of knowing what do the actual United Nations do and talk about. They get to learn how to be diplomatic and think in a different perspective, one which aims to change the world to a better place.” Rodaina said when asked why it was worth applying to IMUN.

Now, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to register, this is the link of the website:

Registration deadline is the 30th of March; do not miss your chance to look at the world from an entirely different perspective.