MissBasket: from a Facebook group to a successful business

"I thought it would be something nice but I would’ve never thought it would be this successful and in fact turn into a business."

“Yay or nay?” a phrase you’ll be familiar with if you’re a member of MissBasket Facebook group. MissBasket is a girls only and fashion related closed Facebook group created in 2016. Ever since its creation, it has empowered girls and women through giving them a safe platform where they can share anything without any fear of judgment; from outfits, beauty tips and make-up hacks to success stories and pieces of advice. The group now has over 120k members and has already stretched from the online world to actual grounds; to tell us more about MissBasket’s story we have Nada El Ashmouny, founder of the group and one of the panel speakers at She Can event.

How did MissBasket start?

“The idea came to me when I wanted to create a comfort zone for girls where they can express themselves freely and talk about anything. I wanted to create a bubble that makes ladies happy.”

We know you’ve been asked this question a lot, but how did the name “MissBasket” originate?

“OK, it is a name my husband used to call me every time we went shopping together abroad because I master filling in any shopping basket, cart or bags and we end up heading back to the hotel with hands filled with so many bags we can’t even hold, so he called me MissBasket.”

After MissBasket, many groups with the same idea started following, how did you face that?

“It’s definitely a good thing not a bad thing as many might think. I mean since a lot of people implemented that idea then it definitely has succeeded.  My only advice, however, is that when you create anything make it resemble who you actually are because if we all mimicked one form then people will be bored of seeing the same thing over and over again. That’s why I’m with the idea of implementing the idea as long as it’s implemented differently. At the end, we can all do the same thing, but each in his own way.”

Facebook is a very wide platform with many varieties of people included, how does the member selection go?

“This actually was one of the biggest problems I faced while introducing MissBasket. People would judge us for being discriminating and classists. But that’s not at all true, yes, we are very selective but that’s for the sake of the members. No member would ever like to post her picture then see people commenting harshly such as your clothes are very wide, too tight or too revealing. Every girl has her own freedom.”

Do you see that the events MissBasket are holding are enough or do you have other ideas in mind?

“I always search for new ideas, I never put my head to sleep thinking “Now I’m satisfied I’ve done everything I wanted”.No. I thought of encouraging the local market and girls with small businesses so I created MissBasket benefit card. Then I widened the scope by launching a bazar that had over 140 local brands 99% of which were owned by women. Thankfully, it was very successful so I did it again. What I’m trying to say is that I’m always looking for more ideas to help widen MissBasket and to take it to another level. I don’t know what tomorrow’s holding for me, but I’m always working.”

Did you imagine that MissBasket will be this successful when you first created it?

“Not at all.  MissBasket started off with 200 members all of which were my friends, we used to talk as if we were in an outing. But of course when the girls felt belonging they starting added their friends and so on. I thought it would be something nice but I would’ve never thought it would be this successful and in fact turn into a business.”

Since we are in a women-empowerment event, what advice would you like to give to young girls and women?

I think the event’s slogan “She can” says it all. You definitely can do anything you want to. Don’t allow people to let you down because we’re all surrounded by people who either disappoint or support us. Follow your dream and follow your passion.

We’d love to thank Nada for her time and we definitely are looking forward to witnessing MissBasket grow more and more.