Death toll of 49 Muslims after a terrorist attack in New Zealand

“Do not be afraid, and do not abandon your mosques" -Nihad Awad.

Friday, March 15, 2019 came as the shocking news of a mass shooting in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, following a death toll of 49 Muslims -four of which are Egyptians- and 20 heavily injured.

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It’s believed that a white terrorist in his late twenties is the main suspect of the attack, there’s no information about his name. According to Buzzfeed News, there are other three people taken into custody.

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Furthermore, Australian Prime Minister “Scott Morrison” has confirmed that one of the people taken into custody is an Australia-born citizen.
Prime Minister of New Zealand, “Jacinda Ardern” said: “It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack.” And described it to be one of the darkest days for New Zealand.
The terrorist appeared to have live streamed a video of the attack online, and made manifesto saying racist comments. According to the CNN new, the manifesto is filled with anti-immigrants and anti-Muslims statements. Adding to the idea that he called the victims “Invaders”.
An image taken from video circulated on social media:

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Moreover, all mosques in New Zealand were asked to shut their doors until any further change.
National Executive Director council on American-Islamic Relations “Nihad Awad” urged Muslims to keep their worship today without any fear, he said at a news conference.

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“Millions of people who are Muslims will be in mosques in the next couple of hours, concerned and fearful about their lives, that someone might come and hurt them.” According to the CNN news.
He added “Do not be afraid, and do not abandon your mosques — not today, not ever,” he said. “They want you to be afraid. You should not be afraid.”
Moreover, he said that he and federal authorities are trying as much as they can to protect all mosques.
The hashtag “New Zealand” and anything related to the attack are trending number one on Twitter.
If you tried to search “Zealand” on google, this will be your results:

This is now the number one topic in the world. People all around the world have gathered together to call for justice for this horrific attack.

Terrorism was never specified for a specific religion or race. We are all victims in a world full of hate, racism and double standards. May all the victims’ souls rest in peace, and wishing speedy recovery for all the injured.