SHE CAN ’19: Meet The Hosts: Yasmine Ghaith

Cancer survivor, actress, and a role model.

Following our coverage for Entreprenelle’s SHE CAN event for the third year in a row, we had the chance to meet and interview many inspiring famous faces throughout the day. We can’t wait to tell you all about it; we can’t wait to make you feel just as inspired as we were. Our very first interview was with the gorgeous, down-to-earth, Yasmine Ghaith.

Yasmine was this year’s event host, but this was not her first time attending SHE CAN. She was a speaker at last year’s event, and she said that she absolutely enjoyed the experience. So when Entreprenelle called her this year to be a host, she immediately accepted, and we are very glad she did.

The background story of Yasmine Ghaith – in case someone isn’t following – is one of the most inspiring stories of all time. Yasmine is a cancer survivor, who at the time of her sickness, started writing about the illness, talking her heart out to everyone who can relate. Her story went viral in a short while, with people calling her Wonder Woman and giving her endless support. One day, a producer called her and told her that they want her to play a part in the series Halawet El-Donia, a cancer-awareness TV show, because she sends a message of hope that everyone surely needs. It was her first time to act, but she loved the idea of helping out people and giving them support through her real life experience. This was the biggest plot twist of her life, but the best one yet.

One of the main reasons Yasmine loves attending SHE CAN events is that it really is important for women here in Egypt to have a support system this big. She loved this year’s theme, “Successful Failures”, and how it really shows that yes, you can fail, but you can still get back up, get better and succeed.

She hopes that one day, the vision that this country has for women changes, and that there are no such standards needed to be a beautiful woman. You can have no hair and still be beautiful; this is why she did not mind going out with her bald hair after she shaved it during chemotherapy. We asked Yasmine about one thing she wants to change about herself, and she said that she wants to accept her vulnerable and weak moments. She wants to be able to show that she is both strong and weak, she wants to believe that there is absolutely no shame in that.

Our last question for Yasmine was about her next step, her next project, and she told us that she is working on a cancer support group, including support, awareness, and anything related to the illness in order to prevent the vicious illness, and spreading knowledge and awareness. She believes that Egypt lacks this kind of programs, but it’s really needed.

I think we can all agree that the project is a success already, and that it shows a great meaning behind it. I bet we can all also agree that she is such a strong, super sweet and inspiring role model. We wish you success, and we thank you for this once in a lifetime interview.