SHE CAN ’19: The Third Edition of the Leading Women Entrepreneurship Event

Proving that she, can.

On the 8th of March, The Insider MIU was honored to have the opportunity to attend an event full of successful stories, independent women, and a support system like never before; that event was SHE CAN by Entreprenelle. Three years in a row the event has been held, and each year it’s enriched with more stories of success and achievements along with confident, ambitious women. So in case you missed it, we covered it for you exactly like we promised.

Held in the Greek Campus, SHE CAN ‘19’s theme was Successful  Failures, for the failures every successful person go through are just as vital as reaching the top. The event was a complete package of workshops, start-up zones, library activities, and of course, the main stage on which all speakers had the chance to tell their stories. Luckily enough, Insider MIU had VIP tickets and a backstage access, so we got to hang out with all the influencers and inspiring figures. SHE CAN had many special figures participating in the event, including the Swedish Embassy, the National Council for Women, and UN Women. We also got to interview many of them, including Yasmine Gheith, who was the host of the event, Hadia Ghaleb, and the Desputy US Ambassador, Dorothy Shea, among many others. The interviews will be posted as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

Moreover, we had the chance to see uprising businesses with inspiring stories, like Nada Samir, a 22-year old woman who now has her own very unique fashion line. There was an array of small businesses who aim to be bigger and more accomplished one day: like mug art, embroidery art, designed socks, cooking, fashion, health, as well as many other businesses of various categories.

The Insider MIU was lucky to interview the founder of Entreprenelle, Rania Ayman, the magnificent organization behind the event. When we asked her about the idea of Entreprenelle, she talked to us about how millions of opportunities pass by women every day without being taken: either they aren’t allowed to, or aren’t able to. What makes this event different is because it’s for small businesses, those that need a push to the mountain top. Her advice to all women around Egypt is to never stop dreaming, and most importantly never allow someone to stop them from dreaming.

Last but not least, you can easily see how entertained and happy the audience was just from their smiles. We asked some of them how they felt about the event and what they had learned so far. One of our favorite answers was this: “The event is great, the vibes are greater, and all stories are inspiring. I learned to never stop. Because if any of these women here today had stopped, they wouldn’t be here. It’s as simple as that.”

The day for us was enjoyable and full of experiences. As for you, don’t worry, this event is annual, so you can get ready for next year starting now. Whether you’ll attend to listen or to show your own business, it will still be memorable and inspiring.

Here is to all strong women. Happy International Women’s Day!