SHE CAN ’19: Successful Failures

On International Women's Day, we empower, discover, and enjoy one another.

Growing up in our society, women never got a chance to be heard. Whenever an idea popped in our minds, we were thrown off by the laughter of those in charge, telling us that we are women, we are little girls, we do not and will not understand business. But that was way before Entreprenelle and its limitless empowerment of women events. Entreprenelle comes back this year with the leading women entrepreneurship event SHE CAN ‘19 and Insider MIU is invited to cover the event, and we couldn’t be more honored.

But first, what is Entreprenelle? It’s the number one social development and business impact organization in the MENA region that aims to empower local women economically by educating, training, and linking them to all entrepreneurship resources possible. And with more than 30+ events, Entreprenelle hosts an event on 8th of March, on International Women’s Day, at the Greek campus.

This year, the event’s theme is Successful Failures. All the time we hear about successful women and feel inspired, but what we never know is the background story, what they went through to get on top, and how many failures have they went through until they succeeded. There will be 12 inspiring speakers in the event telling their stories and struggles and of course, their success, one of them will be the legend Rania Elwany the athlete and swimmer, and Yasmin Ghaith, cancer survivor and actress. Additionally, throughout the day, you will be able to enjoy the many helpful activities, like panel discussions, mentorships, scholarships, internships, workshops, and much more. There will be two exhibitions as well: Entreprenelle Hub and Startup Zone. The event will be held from 9 AM to 8 PM, with an audience of 5000+.

If you’re interested enough, if you have an idea and want to put into real life, or if you simply want to feel the pride of our Egyptian women, you can still get tickets right away.  You can pay through Fawry, Entreprenelle’s Space in Maadi, or Vodafone Cash. For more information on the event and the tickets, check this link:

We will be waiting for you for sure, but if you can’t make it, then we will cover just enough to make you feel you were there.