Egypt Career Summit: All you need to know about this year’s edition

We attended Egypt Career Summit, roamed the Greek Campus, talked to people, took pictures, in order to give you a full coverage, as if you were there!

On a Friday morning, university students, CEOs, entrepreneurs, experts in different fields, inspiring figures and people who are eager to know more about their careers, were all gathered at The Greek Campus, to attend the biggest career advising event in Egypt, also known as Egypt Career Summit (ECS).

We, at The Insider MIU, managed to partner with the event, attend it and roam the Downtown’s campus in order to get you a full coverage. So, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up your seat-belts, hold on your smart phones and let’s go!

From accounting and engineering to IT and advertising, whatever major you chose, you will certainly find at ECS,  workshops, talks, and panel discussions that will suit you! In addition, you have the chance to network with experts and professionals in your field, which means that you can have a casual discussion with the CEO of your dream job! And, if you’re hesitant about your major, or thinking of a career shift, then ECS offers career advising and mentor-ship. The awesomeness doesn’t end here! If you’re a fresh graduate looking for job opportunities, or a student searching for an internship , then ECS is the place for you! 

We found there, universities like, Goldsmiths University of London, Northumbria University, and Instituto Europeo Design all offering scholarships. In addition, we spotted booths for Rise Up, and Froneri Ice Creamoffering job opportunities. Wuzzuf offered circles of career coaching, Otlob offered discounts on food, and 7up organised activities for the attendees. Sponsors like Swvl, IBM, Vodafone and EG Bank were at the event. As for the people, the two-days event gathered more than 200 professionals and many inspiring individuals with different ages, from the trainers and the speakers to the organizers and the attendees themselves, and, if we’ve tried to mention them the list would be endless!

An inspiring figure we’ve met

On its second edition, ECS didn’t only offer a career advising event but it also delivered a positive vibe to the attendees through good knowledge and inspiring stories that we’ve heard all along the event. Eslam Abuali, was one of those inspiring stories, that we were lucky enough to meet and ask him some questions. Abuali is an Egyptian Paralympic swimmer with great achievements on the sports scene. He was a part of a panel discussion entitled, Careers in Sports.

“I think it is a great opportunity! The current generation (youth) is extremely lucky, because back when I was at university, my generation didn’t have such events to help us in planning our careers. So, it is a chance for youth to get familiarized with the workplace and its needs”, Abuali told us, when asked about his personal opinion of the event. The athlete advises youth to develop themselves and work on their skills, since the workplace now is very competitive and employers are always looking for the best!

Your turn

In case you are interested to be an organizer for next year’s edition, then we’ve got you covered! We spoke to Amr Hesham, a team leader at ECS, about volunteering and being an organizer at the event. With a range of 180 to 190 volunteers, Hesham told us that volunteers are divided into 4 teams: Stage and VPs , Registration, one to one coaching, and lastly mentor-ship. The first team, which he is a team leader for, is responsible for time management with the host and the speaker, crowd management and seating, checking with mentors and lastly IT (lightning..etc).  Volunteers are all offered with cycles of training prior the event . When asked about his experience at ECS, which is powered by Career 180 and Career Advancers, the 20-year old highly recommended it, saying that it makes the person capable to handle life, because you get exposed to challenging situations,and you meet people with different attitudes.

ECS 2020

According to Youssef Maged who is a Business Developer at ECS, when we asked him about the next year’s edition, he said that they will focus more on tech content and the digitization of industries.

We had a lot of fun at ECS 2019, and you will definitely see us there next year!