3 Killed and 6 Wounded In A Suicide Bombing

One suicide bombing in Giza governorate led to another behind Al-Azhar mosque.

A suicide bombing took place on the 18th of February near Al-Azhar mosque, in Al Darb Al-Ahmar neighborhood. The unfortunate incident killed 3 policemen and wounded 6 others, along with several civilians.  

According to Egypt’s Interior Ministry, the investigations on the bombing which occurred on Friday the 16th near Al-Istiqamah mosque in Giza governorate have led them to the neighborhood of Al Darb Al-Ahmar, where the suspect resided.

The explosion took place while the police forces were chasing the suspect, who was believed to have planted a bomb near another mosque last Friday. The suspect exploded himself when the police attempted to arrest him.

In a startling footage shared by Egypt Today Magazine, the 21-second video shows the bomber, masked, getting out of the building and on to his bike before the police officers catch a sight of him and follow him. Once they reach him, he detonates the bombs. The video also shows civilians walking close by, who were wounded in the process of the incident.

You can watch the footage here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-GkzfPKPlw&has_verified=1

The suspect was later on identified as 37-year-old Al-Hassan Abdullah.

This was the third bombing incident to hit the country the past week, according to Reuters, including the attack in Sinai Peninsula on a military checkpoint, that left 15 soldiers and 7 militants dead.

We send our deep condolences to all families who have lost their dearest ones in the midst of those regrettable events, and we sure hope all attacks come to an end one day.