Valentine’s day: A survival kit for singles

If prince charming seems to be kidnapped, if you usually hang out in the friendzone, then this article is for you.

Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s valentine’s day and I’m single, what should i do? Well, look no further my dear friend, here’s a survival kit to pass this-full of flowers and fancy dates- kind of day.

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1. Avoid Rom-Coms

A handsome man approaches a pretty woman with a red dress, then he tells her in a very cinematic and subtle way ‘ I love you’. Fast forward 30 seconds, and they’re kissing in the rain with ‘la fin’ text projected on screen. You’ve certainly watched this scenario dozens of times, and obviously, this kind of movies won’t help you in anyway, it just sets unrealistic standards and expectations of what love should be. Don’t let Hollywood get richer at the expense of your emotions; watch a documentary!

(Recommendations: The True Cost, Salam Neighbor, Bag it, The Food Inc.)

2. No Esseily for the day

With his songs played at every wedding of 2018, Esseily has a magical power to make anyone want to get married. So, don’t listen to his songs, it’s a trap!

3. Satisfy your sweet tooth

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Stock up on chocolates, or bake your favorite brownie. Enjoy this treat, while serotonin is transmitted to your brain. In other words, chocolate will make you happier (hopefully).

4. Support System

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Hang out with you buddies who share the same relationship status as you. Support each other, throw a party, or simply do a Harry Potter marathon.

5. Don’t Third-Wheel

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Nothing here to say, just don’t!

6. Celebrate Yourself!

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This may seem a little narcissistic, but you have to love yourself, appreciate how your body works, how smart and dedicated you are. Celebrate your achievements, your strengths, and weaknesses. Be grateful of how far you’ve come, and how far you will!

7.Pass the Love Forward

As Laila Elwy said in the movie ‘Hob El Banat’, your loved ones can be your family, your friends, or your neighbors. Pass your love to them, and let them know that you appreciate them!

8. Love of a Different Kind

Uber, Ariika and ESMA are teaming up in Valentine’s day, to offer a shelter for stray animals. With every ‘Pet Bed’ request on Uber app, an animal will be helped. What a lovely initiative!

At the end, Valentine’s day doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic and fancy, it could be a low-key celebration of love for your circle and most importantly for yourself! What yours will be yours, enjoy your company! Happy Valentine’s day, folks, Spread love :))

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