Intrinsic: Artkhana’s Opening Exhibition ‘19

Art, music, and the sweet taste of success make Artkhana’s exhibitions extra special.

There are some people, some places, and some passions that put you in a state of elation. They bring you peacefulness of mind, and make you feel like the world is a nice place, or could be. This is exactly how you feel when surrounded by Artkhana’s people and masterpieces. The art community that empowers artists, writers, and people who want to do good in the world. Artkhana is as warm as your home on a winter night, and makes success tasteful as the cup of hot chocolate you’ll drink on the same exact night. Insider MIU was invited to attend Intrinsic: Artkhana’s opening exhibition on Friday 8th, where all artists, musicians, and writers participate and display their masterpieces, or speak their feelings, and we honestly couldn’t be more honored to cover such an outstanding event, with all its performances, activities, and art pieces.

On the 8th of February, Intrinsic: Artkhana’s Opening Exhibition was held in Degla Campus, and it was a day full of talents and happy vibes. There were musical performances by the music team, movie screenings by the multimedia team, a book and live readings by the writing team, art gallery and live painting performances by the painting and illustrating team. Also, not to forget the sponsors in the exhibition brought by the PR team: In Your Shoe and Fudge Bakery. The program and how the day went showed great sync of the team and the spirit was delightful.

Luckily enough, we got to interview one of the writers, who is only 16 years old (we were shocked as much as you are).Nagla has been writing poetry for 5 years, with one novel published on a PDF online called Wilted Soul,and a novel in progress, yet to be published, called The Whisper. This is her first year in Artkhana, but so far her experience is memorable. She said that the adventure in Artkhana is very worth it, and the development as an artist or writer when surrounded by this community is life changing. Nagla has many bright plans for the future, and you can follow her journey by following her on Instagram: @aestheticbedoflies

We got even luckier when we got to chat with the amazing artist, Nada Loay, who had a live painting show that left us awestruck. Nada is a talented 20 year old GUC student who started drawing when she was only 4 years old. She self-taught and developed her skills by using the internet, and she has been a member in Artkhana for a year and a half now. She said that Artkhana helped her to never stop drawing. “With the busy schedule of my university, the stress and studying, there is barely time to draw,” she stated, but Artkhana pushed her to put her feelings into colors, and she is very grateful for their support. Nada does not plan on stopping, and from her paintings, you can tell that her future will be just as lovely. This is her instagram account, and it’s definitely worth following: @artshop9273

“When someone believes in you so much that they want to publish your writings, it completely changes you.” Malak Koshty, Artkhana’s current president, said when asked how Artkhana changed the shy person she came in as. Malak said that she joined Artkhana with very limited knowledge and experience, but now she has a self-published book called A Wholehearted Attempt, and it’s one of the many things she couldn’t have done without Artkhana.

Lastly, if you scrolled down enough to reach this, then you’re probably wondering what is Artkhana exactly, and how does it make our society better. Artkhana is an art community that began in 2014, when a group of friends decided to create a place that accepts and welcomes all kinds of art from different kinds of people, ages,and backgrounds. They wanted to give art a purpose and give a voice to those who want to be heard. This was not their first exhibition, and this is definitely one of the opportunities they provide for young artists. Malak also elaborated with absolute pride on how Artkhana provides an opportunity to grow, to learn, to create, and to give. How do they give back to the society? All money received is put for charity, which is one of the many reasons that makes this place a better one.

So, if you’re an artist or writer who dreams of showing his/her masterpieces, Artkhana is your way to go. Recruitment usually starts in late August or the first of September, and you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the chance of becoming a part of something that special.