The Rainbow Project

Three words could only describe this project: creative, inspiring, and colorful.

 Recently, pictures of some sort of a boxed room made out of colorful strings went viral on all Instagram accounts of MIU students. The mysterious, secret place of the project was all that the students can talk about. “What is this place?” and “This is so beautiful, who made this?” were the two most common questions that have been asked since the project came to life. The Insider decided to answer all your questions and lift the invisible curtain off of the amazing team that brought absolute joy by simply hanging colorful strings together.

We thought that something so magnificent and brilliant deserves to be known and appreciated, that’s why we dug up deep and searched for the students behind this impressive project. Thankfully, we found Rokaya Mostafa, who answered all our questions and told us the story behind The Rainbow Project.

Undoubtedly, there is only one faculty that can construct such an amazing work and bring it into this dull world of ours. Yes, you guessed it right: faculty of Architecture! 30 architecture students worked for almost 9 days on this project, according to Rokaya. Much to your surprise (and mine), they are only second year students! They were inspired by some pictures they saw online of rooms made out of strings. Their main goal was to create something that radiates joy and good vibes to people by just looking at it. Here are some pictures of MIU students with the project:

Also, the team recorded their progress from day one until the project was finished, and this is the video Rokaya sent us:

Of course, like anything in life, there are always bumps on the road. The talented team faced a little problem with the strings; they would get loose and saggy overnight, but clearly, they solved the problem professionally.

Rokaya said that it felt truly amazing knowing that the project is loved by almost all students. Their hard work payed off and it was absolutely worth all the trouble. All the feedbacks gave them a great push and a boost in their confidence for their upcoming projects. I for one cannot wait to see more of their great work. They are all willing to work hard and focus on the future, and it sure does look promising to the great minds of this group.

Lastly, you can find the Rainbow Project on a rooftop right behind the football field, next to the R building. And do not forget to give the team a round of applause, because they surely deserve it.