The 4th and The Last One: Dear Students, Are You Doing Your Best?

“The passion is there, but where do we find the motivation?”

They call us, students, the dreamers. We go to college with all hopes and expectations high in the sky, to have them shortly fall down right in front of our eyes. On the last article of the Mental Health of Students series, we will shed light on the most conclusive point, from which we will know where do we go wrong, or why do we go wrong in the very first place. So without further ado: “Dear students, are you doing your best?”

18 out of 20 students answered the question with an honest no.18 students have dreams and goals they want to achieve, but they are not going beyond their limits. I’ve met all goals in the people I interviewed; for instance, a group of girls who want to start up an advertising agency together. Another student dream of being a fashion designer, some want to travel around the world, others want to be prominent doctors, and few just want to graduate. 

It was not surprising for me when almost all students admitted that they do not give their all, studying-wise or life-wise. What made me more intrigued though, were the reasons behind their inability to do their best. Here are some students’ answers that we all could relate to:

“The lack of motivation is unbearable. The fear that all our hard works will go into the wind as soon as we graduate makes everything unworthy of all the stress.”

“Too many barriers. There is laziness. There is no motivation and no space for creativity. The students do not get to be as creative as they want. We feel very limited.”

“I know I can do better, but whenever I try to, something stops me. There is always something stopping me.”

There are so many factors that affect us negatively, like the society that surrounds us and how we barely have the energy to live in it. We lack motivation, and we don’t have enough time to rest. The old lie of “work hard, rest later” is long gone. There won’t be time to rest, and that is the truth we need to perceive. We need to be aware that our future won’t come to us, we will have to crawl to it. Through all the downs and all the brutal life situations. We cannot sit around watch as life goes on, without walking the baby steps needed to reach anywhere in life. Then whine about how we can’t reach our dreams, throwing the blame on the government and our parents.

If you want to reach a good place in your life, you don’t get to rest. If you can’t find someone to motivate you, be your own motivator. Find an escape when life gets too much, where your mind is free, and limits do not exist. And most importantly, try. Fall and get up 100 times. Try, and try again. Believe me, one day, you will be very thankful for all the failures, because they were only the steps up to where you wanted to be.

All things considered, we are in control. If the environment is dull, be the one to color it. Be the change you want to see. Find a way out of this complicated maze, and shine brightly.

Good luck on your finals, students! You can do this.