A beautiful trip became the worst nightmare

May your souls rest in peace, angels.

Monday, Dec. 17, came the shocking news of the murder of two Scandinavian women who went for tourism in Morocco.  Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, went camping in the Atlas mountains and were killed in a horrific act of violence and terrorism, as they were knifed and beheaded by what shown to be a kitchen knife.

The bodies were found in a remote mountainous area, distant 10 kilometers from Imlil’s village, the starting point for hiking to Mount Toubkal, that is considered the highest peak in North Africa.

Louisa Vesterager. Source: Mirror


Maren Ueland. Source: Heavy.com

A video was spread on Facebook and Twitter, showing a screaming Louisa being knifed on camera by a man, the video is continuously removed or reported. According to News.com.us “One of the women was decapitated and the other was found dead with a severe neck wound.”

It’s believed that ISIS is the main charge of the accident, and the government had arrested three suspected men who are; Ejjoud Abdessamad, 25, Younes Ouziad, 27, and Rashid Aftati, 32.

The Mercury News

According to The Mercury News, the suspects were arrested, as they were trying to flee to Marrakech on a bus. Another suspect was arrested on Tuesday, and the Moroccan prosecutors said he’s associated with an extremist group, without naming it.

Moroccan news reported that investigators found footage showing the three suspects set up a tent near the victims’ tent and leaving the area after their deaths.

Denmark’s Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen said on Thursday that the killing might be “politically motivated, and thereby an act of terror.”

Moreover, Morocco’s Prime Minister, Saad El Din El Othamni declared on Thursday that the tourists slaughter attack is a terror crime and a backstabber for  Morocco and all the Moroccans.

The foreign ministries of Norway and Denmark issued travel advisories warning their citizens to exercise extreme caution when visiting Morocco. Reported by The New York Times.

Furthermore, the family of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen is convincing the public to not watch such an inhuman video. A picture has spread on Facebook showing Louisa’s brother Alex commanding people to delete the video as his family is suffering from it.

Alex Vesterages Jespersen mentioned that he condemns the brutal attack on all Arabs, describing them that they are evil. In addition, he asked the girl who posted the video to delete it, as his family is tormented.

On Facebook, Moroccan people gave their condolences to both families, and lots of Moroccan people mentioned that they disown this shameful act which cannot be tolerated.

The attack is searched frequently on the internet, as if you google the word “Morocco” this will be your suggestions:

People on Twitter, especially Moroccans, are showing their sympathy to the victims and their families, and releasing their claims for such a disgusting act;

Beside this, there’s continues pleas on Twitter for people to not watch the video;

Terrorism is a crime that is prohibited in all means of religions and humanity; if you kill an innocent human, you’ve killed all humans on earth. May Louisa’s and Maren’s souls rest in peace.