Doubtful Yet Hopeful: The Everyday Struggle of Students

“Everyone has their doubts, and sometimes it’s hard to get rid of.”

Our minds are full of doubts. It’s human nature, like one student stated, but this nature stops us from taking so many steps forward. Some people know how to shield themselves from insecurities, others fail to control them. Some know how to get back on track, others just lose their way back. For this reason, I am writing you what I came to conclude after knowing the weaknesses that most students have, and how they get back up after every fall.

Even though there are some self-assured students who do not let doubts interfere, there are twice as much students who cannot stop their insecurities from engulfing them in a deep dark hole. I met only 2 students who are confident, but more than 10 students who doubt themselves, either because of low self-esteem, fear of not being good enough, or just loss of motivation. Some students let people’s words get in the way of trying to do a specific thing, others used to be confident, but lost their confidence along the way. For instance, a student in Pharmacy lost his will to try, and this is why:

“I can no longer do sports because of an injury; if it wasn’t for this injury, I would have been able to do anything in the world. I would have even ruled the world. I’m serious. I would have been able to do anything.”

This made me think of how many students have fallen, and never found a way to get back up on their feet. How many couldn’t find a hand to pull them up, and how many lost all hope to resume chasing their dreams. But then again, in life, it’s a must to trip and fall. It’s a must to get hurt and feel pain. And of course, it’s a must to learn how to get up, even if we don’t have a hand reaching down for us. Because, simply, life doesn’t stop for anyone. I understand that fate has disappointed you and got your faith shaken, but it’s time to stop regretting and start learning. So, to all struggling students, you cannot give up on yourself. Just because you have failed a year or two, doesn’t mean you can’t get straight A’s on your third year. It’s all a matter of persistence and hard work. It’s about time you give yourself some appreciation, and build yourself up. Understand that pain is the essence of strength. There will be bumps on the road, and they will surely slow you down, but patience is a key to success, and it’s only one door away.

Lastly, some students’ answers to the question “what keeps you going?” were remarkably special. Their answers inspired all my words, so here are some of my top favorites:

“Everyone has a purpose; I’m searching for mine.”

“God never puts you in a situation that you can’t pull through.”

“Myself. I get back up for myself, anyone else will just put me down.”

“To end up doing something I love; it will be worth all the trouble.”

“Praying, family, and the fact that I’m almost halfway there.”

“One day it will all be worth it: we will graduate, we will work, we will be happy.”