Feminism; is it overrated or just misunderstood?

particular things happen to me in this world because I am just a woman. 

Nowadays, Feminism is considered to be such a debatable topic in our daily lives, on social media and even affected some of the movies/ series produced lately like “ Hatooli ragel” and “ khalsana b shyaka “, they revolve around the arguable roles of women and men but at the end of the day the real question is what is feminism? And why it is a big deal?

According to the textbook “the human polity” by kay Lawson mentioned that feminists weren’t seeking a new ideology but to modify those that did exist. Feminism were developed to eradicate oppression between men and women that was happening in the previous decades; it asked for equality in health, welfare, education, employment, occupational safety, reproductive rights and also rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence prevention.

When we asked the MIU student about their opinion, this is what most of them said;

Feminism goes too far sometimes, women and men aren’t born to be the same, their physical and mental strengths will never be the same, so therefore they can’t have the same equal rights” 

 “Feminism has lost its way, it is so misunderstood; some women are using it for their own benefits and try as much as possible to dread and oppress other men”  

“women now are just asking for equal rights but never asked for equal responsibilities!”

Others mentioned that the big issue about feminism that it is just misunderstood “men think that we just want to take their positions and rob life away from them, and all in the matter that we just want the same life as them, same privilege and also same responsibility”  

One of them stated that when we say feminism, we actually mean equal rights, equal rights for both men and women to express their selves and their emotions without feeling fragile, because at the end we all humans.”

One also mentioned that we need feminism for multiple reasons, one of them is stop the society to push girls in making their first goal in life is “marriage”.

Finally, someone said that particular things happen to me in this world because I am just a woman.

So, what do you think about feminism? Is it overrated or just misunderstood?