The uproar raised by Starbucks

Starbucks opened its doors on campus, leading to a change in the coffee scene. So, we made you a review. Read and decide for yourself.

In the middle of a long stressful day full of lectures and quizzes, we all need something tasty to grab on the go, a hot beverage to make us warm, or maybe a light snack to keep us going. Fortunately, MIU has got us covered, with a lot of options to keep our bellies full. Last month, Starbucks joined the batch and opened its doors on campus. To sum up, excitement is the perfect word to describe most of the students’ reaction to the opening of this well-known coffee chain. So, we decided, at The Insider MIU, to do a survey and ask students about their experience with the newly-opened coffee shop. After nearly a month since its opening, are students still excited?

To break down numbers for you, we asked 116 students about Starbucks in MIU, 60 among them have tried it, and 56 did not. For the students who checked it out, we asked them to rate their experience(beverage+service) from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest rate. In order to save you from the wickedness of math, to avoid writing a long paragraph full of boring statistics, here’s a visual explaining the results we got.

As for the service, most of the students we met, were satisfied and gave us good feedback. Reem told us that the service is lovely, Mariam thought that the staff is very amiable, and one student we interviewed, said that they are friendly and they got her name right. However, some of the students thought that Starbucks needs to hire more employees, to be more efficient. The most common comment among students who disliked their beverages, is the absence of the ice blending machine, leaving the staff to use ice cubes. Mirna told us that this is the reason why she disliked her iced chocolate beverage.

Taken from Seif Elmosalamy’s Facebook page

Moving on to the interviewees who didn’t try Starbucks, we asked them about the reason behind not trying it. There were multiple answers, so here’s a list of them:

  1. Some were not fans of coffee.
  2. Others didn’t have time to wait in line, to get their drink.
  3. Few didn’t even know where Starbucks was. One student suggested that they should put up a sign.
  4. Some thought that the prices were higher than other options on campus. One student believed that Transit is better, because it is cheaper.
  5. Two students didn’t like Starbucks in general: Farida boycotted the coffee shop once she knew that they might be funding the Israeli army, and Ziad thinks that Starbucks is ‘overrated’.
  6. Some didn’t find what they want to drink, because Starbucks’ products are not all offered. Heba told us that the menu is incomplete.

However, Some of them said that they don’t mind giving the coffee shop a go.

What about you? Did you try MIU’s Starbucks? If yes, we would like to know your feedback. If not, tell us the reason why. Send us a message or leave a comment. Your opinion matters to us. 🙂

Note: We didn’t declare the names of particular students we met, based on their preference to remain unknown.