10 out of 30… 20 out of 40

“We learn from failure, not from success” -Bram Stoker

“Midterm grades are out”, who thought that a sentence formed out of four words can change everything around us? When you look around, you’d find everyone checking out their phone, some with happy eyes, some with sorrowful eyes, and some with poker face.


However, we wouldn’t judge from the facial expressions as we react to everything differently from one another. Nevertheless, you should know how to cope up with the self-devastation that is gained after receiving you grades.

Here’s some tips that might guide you to get better grades:

  1. Study with the way that makes you understand; even if you’re going to sing the curriculum, do it.
  2. Do not depend on memorizing rather than understanding the information, and dip your touch into it.
  3. Seek for your friends and professors’ advice. Sometimes we see ourselves different to the point where we can’t acknowledge our flaws. In addition to that, we get surprised because we did not expect such grades. So, your friends and professors might help you to be a better student.
  4. “Practice makes perfect”; practice many times so you could reach the achievement you desire.

You did everything you could, but still no progress?

Remember the quote you read above? Yes, it says that everything is not revolved around success. Here’s an advice for you my friend; your so called “failure”, is your one step closer to achievements. Grades won’t stick with us forever, but it would make us learn a new thing for our upcoming life. Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter series’ author) wouldn’t be where they are now without commitment and hard work.

So, my friend, take a seat and relax, think about your goals in life, and what you want to be. You might graduate with the highest GPA, but you wouldn’t find a job immediately. You may even find yourself pursuing a career that’s different from what’s written on your certificate.

Accept yourself, your mistakes, your grades, and your GPA. Without acceptance you wouldn’t get out of the “perfect student” bubble. Accept yourself for a better future in life.

Let the world do its call on us; we are all born to do something special, and each one of us has a gift that differentiate us from our friends, family or colleagues. We’re all just like a fingerprint; different and unique.

This is a call from a student to other fellow students; grades aren’t the sun that brightens our life, but it’s only a number written on a piece of paper. Grades are not YOU.

Finally, always be grateful for what you get  as it will help you finding yourself in the world of exploration and infinity.